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  • Interoperability

    Where interoperability information is protected as a trade secret, there may be a lot of truth in the saying that the information is valuable because it is secret, rather than being secret because it is valuable.

    Neelie Kroes, the European Commissioner for Competition Policy, speaking at Open Forum Europe.

  • Radiohead - “Super Collider”

    He’d love that wouldn’t, he? To be the organ grinder at existence’s funeral.

    Radiohead perform a new song at the Malahide Castle gig in Dublin.

  • 7 minutes of genius

    MUTO – “An ambiguous animation painted on public walls”.

    Absolutely stunning.

    Hat tip: Penny Arcade.

  • One to keep in the camera bag

    One to keep in the camera bag

    A couple of weeks ago I wrote to my MP Andrew Smith regarding the recent increase in incidents where photographers have been intimidated and threatened by police or security guards whilst taking photographs in public areas.

    Today I received the following letter from Jacqui Smith MP (the current Home Secretary) via Andrew Smith:

    Dear Andrew

    There is no legal restriction on photography in public places, and there is no presumption of privacy for individuals in a public place.

    It is for the Chief Constable to ensure that Officers and PCSOs are acting appropriately with regards to photography in public places, and any queries regarding this should be addressed to the Chief Constable.

    However, decisions may be made locally to restrict photography, for example to protect children. Any questions on such local decisions should also be addressed to the force concerned.

    Jacqui Smith

    I’ll be continuing the dialog with Andrew Smith MP to see if there is anything further that can be done by the Home Secretary to remind her forces about this aspect of the law, as well sending my Chief Constable a copy of the letter.

    You can find your own Chief Constable on the main UK Police Service site.

    (I’ll now return you to the usual inane and irreverant japery that’s to be found round here.)

  • Later, he fights a yeti

    In a Metafilter discussion about video nasties in 80s Britain, Wolfdog innocently comments:

    This is a pretty awesome plot summary

    “Waldemar Daninsky goes to Tibet to look for proof that the yeti exists. He gets captured by two vampire women who turn him into a werewolf. Waldemar’s friends are then kidnapped by a witch, and later, he fights a yeti.”

    I think what catches my eye there is that “later, he fights a yeti” could be appended to many films’ descriptions, entirely to their benefit.

    …and then the fun begins (that last one is my particular favourite).

    I have a feeling that this is a search term worth keeping an eye on over the next few days.

  • Future of Web Design

    Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the Future of Web Design conference this year, partly because of the ongoing integration work (if you’re following me on Twitter you know what that’s been like) and partly because I wanted to save some cash for dConstruct 2008.

    Luckily Jeremy Keith has done a fantastic job of liveblogging the presentations, so between his sterling effort and the torrent of photos on Flickr I can almost kid myself that I was there.

    Roll on 3rd September.

  • Best stories ever

    Who doesn’t love a good story.

  • A measure of fame

    Wikipedia has a redirect for Einstien

  • Experimentation

    No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.

    Albert Einstein

  • Creating leverage at the data layer

    Matt McAlister examines what it means to be part of the web of data:

    It’s not about posting data to a domain and figuring out how to get people there to consume it. It’s about being the best data source or the best data aggregator no matter how people make use of it in the end.

    Nate Koechley has a great companion piece entitled Data Ocean vs Document Lake.

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