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  • Apologies for the unread posts

    Sorry about the sudden flagging of posts as unread, I’m tweaking the feedburner settings. It’s an unfortunate side effect.

    By way of an apology, here’s a picture of a bunny

  • Hemel Hempstead oil refinery explosion on Flickr

    There is a growing collection of photos of the Buncefield oil refinery explosion on flickr (this is a personal favourite).

    As with the London bomb blasts I’m now getting a better view of events via flickr and blogs than I am from the television.

    I still find myself watching news bulletins to get an overall snapshot of the world, but more and more I turn to the web to "zoom in" and pick up localised views. Something you just can’t do with television.

    Not sure what the purpose of this post is, I think it’s a ramble on realising how natural the web as news source feels to me now.

  • Responsibility


    Darn tootin’!


  • Web

  • Star Wars marathon

    Cathy and myself have just finished watching Episodes I to VI over the weekend. First two on Friday night, middle two last night, you get the picture.

    Some quick observations now I’ve finally seen all six in a row:

    • The back-story really breathes new life into the original trilogy, having the history of the characters to refer to makes such a big difference (god I’m such a geek)
    • The original trilogy is a much smaller, character driven story
    • Palpatine is a devious shit, but you have to admire his cunning
    • The Episode III to IV transition works really well story and character wise, but the 70’s model work is really jarring after coming from the CG battles of the prequel. It’s especially noticeable during the first attack on the Death Star
    • …but in saying that, the space battle in Return of the Jedi still rocks
    • You know there’s going to be a new box set at some point, and I bet my Boba Fett Pez dispenser that there will further tinkering from George to make the segue between trilogies a little more seamless.
    • In the big scheme of things Jar-Jar isn’t that annoying, he can be filtered, but jesus his sense of humour is crap. He’s just not funny
    • After seeing serious, solemn Yoda in the prequels, his behaviour when he first appears in Empire makes him look like he’s gone bat-shit loopy. Trust me, watch it when he first meets Luke, he’s acting like an insane man
    • These words are not in the OSX spell-checker: Jedi, Yoda, Boba Fett
    • … they are now, I may need to talk more about them and the red squiggly lines were annoying me
    • R2-D2 swears a lot
    • The re-mastered trilogy are really dark compared to the prequels. I don’t know if this is due to the re-mastering process or just the difference between film and digital, but they look very underexposed
    • Cathy went "awww" when the Ewoks got shot. She needs help
    • Ewan McGregor really nailed Alec Guinness. I find myself stroking my chin when I’m thinking now, in an Obi-Wan style. This is not good
    • It works, I loved it

    Doing it all again at christmas, woohoo!

  • Truism of the year’s just meat and centrafugal forces!

    (zombizi prime, via the Flapface group on flickr.)


  • ...and then JJay gave me some fudge!

    ...and then JJay gave me some fudge!


  • Back from holiday, older if not wiser

    So while I was away I turned 30 (more about that later when I can string a coherent sentence together), but more importantly I was asked by a Wikipedia editor if they could use a picture I took of my camera for the corresponding entry on Wikipedia.

    Now that’s much more fun and newsworthy than turning 30 dontcha think *:)

  • Global navigation not worthwhile?

    How much stock do we put in global navigation and could those resources be better spent elsewhere? Quite possibly according to Jared Spool at

    Maybe they’ll click on the global navigation on the home page (however, probably not, if the page is well designed). Then they’ll never click on it again, because, after all, they are now looking for local information - not global information

    We’ve observed that it’s almost always the case that if a user is clicking on global navigation, it’s because they are completely lost.

    Having global navigation isn’t a bad thing. It’s just not something that should garner a lot of resources, as it’s unlikely to be important in the user experience.

    Here’s something interesting to think about. How much of a role does the global navigation play in orientating first time users to the site before they get to the local content? Isn’t that a useful thing and worth spending time on? As a friend said to me last night: “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”.

    And I wonder does this differ between the web as software interface and the web as hypertext system? Look at flickr’s use of global navigation - the frequented destinations at the top and the big-fat-footer (I just made that up) - both of which I know I use a lot.

    I’d ponder more, but I’m on holiday in 2 hours. Woo!

    Hat tip:

  • McAfee reduces costs with user-centered design

    Great article with 23 tips on how McAfee cut their support calls by 90% for a new product, by focusing on user-centered design.

    Hat tip:

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