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  • Rebuilding from the ground up

    Last Wednesday (25th April) I gave a talk at the UX Oxford Speaker Series about the work I’ve been doing at the WDCS over the past year, and why to my friends it seemed like I had vanished off the face of the earth.

    It’s a wide-ranging talk, looking at the problems with the current site, our initial research and findings, and the the content-out/responsive approach we’ve taken towards the redevelopment.

    The talk itself lasts around a half-hour, with another half-hour Q&A session afterwards.

    The books that I reference during the talk are:

    And the list of useful links and further reading can be found on my Pinboard account under the tag uxoxford2012.

    Thanks to UX Oxford for inviting me to speak, it was great to finally show everyone what I’ve been working on and I really enjoyed the questions after.

    Fingers crossed we’re due to go into public beta sometime in June.

  • WordCamp Ireland is go

    After a long and slightly torturous journey (Dublin’s rush hour traffic isn’t fun) here I am in Killkenny getting ready for WordCamp Ireland.

    Due to the traffic I arrived at the speakers dinner just in time for coffee which was a bit shit, but after some quick introductions I was dragged off to take part in Chaos Thaoghaire, which is one part story telling, one part pub quiz, and a whole lot of deviousness and fun. Or as they describe themselves: “Dedicated to the earnest pursuit of ludicrous things”.

    Unfortunately ten hours of travel had left my brain feeling like a wrung-out mop so I couldn’t bring my “A Game” (as they like to call it) and pretty much vegged in the corner nursing a pint of Guinness. Apologies to the Chaosettes, I was having a good time even though it may not have looked like it. The story about the scavenger hunt and the potato carved in the shape of a penis was a definite highlight.

    There’s a wedding in the hotel tonight which, as with most weddings, is playing some horrendously cheesy music very loudly. Thank god for headphones. So here I am, raiding the mini-bar and desperately trying to finesse my talk ready for Sunday, full of excitement and terror all at the same time. As much as I get a kick out of public speaking, it still scares the crap out of me. Nerves are healthy though.

    Oh, and apropos of nothing, this hotel room is bloody huge!

  • Herding cats at Oxford Geek Night

    (8th May 2018: Updated related links URL to point to Pinboard)

    Last night I gave an updated version of my talk on successful community management, “How to Herd Cats” (slideshare link), at the sixteenth Oxford Geek Night.

    (Update: Al has posted his video of the talk on Vimeo, thanks Al)

    It was a particular honour to be asked to give a keynote as it was almost three years to the day (give or take a week) that I did a microslot talk at the very first Geek Night (a little nugget that JP stole for his introduction. Damn your eyes sir!).

    As usual the night was great fun. Thanks to JP for all the organisation and set up (it’s true, gaffer tape really does hold the universe together), and thanks to everyone who came. I received lots of nice feedback after I’d finished the talk, which is always gratifying.

    For those of you who wanted to delve deeper into the subject, then as I mentioned during the talk, you really can’t do any better than Jono Bacon’s “The Art Of Community”. It’s available for free download under a Creative Commons license, but I would urge you to buy a copy too. It really is a fantastic piece of work.

    I’ve also collated links to related sites and articles on Pinboard under the tag “ogn16”.

    And finally, for those of you who kept asking me about the Stormtrooper slide, I present you with the most awesome link in the history of awesome links: Stormtrooper 365.