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  • Coming home

    Coming home

    My brain was all over the place on the flight back, and for a while I though the yellow thing was a very tenacious ring-pull from a can that had managed to hang on all the way over the Irish Sea.

  • Blue

  • Fallen down

  • Yaarrrr


    Well, it would seem churlish not to, given the day.

  • Power

  • One to keep in the camera bag

    One to keep in the camera bag

    A couple of weeks ago I wrote to my MP Andrew Smith regarding the recent increase in incidents where photographers have been intimidated and threatened by police or security guards whilst taking photographs in public areas.

    Today I received the following letter from Jacqui Smith MP (the current Home Secretary) via Andrew Smith:

    Dear Andrew

    There is no legal restriction on photography in public places, and there is no presumption of privacy for individuals in a public place.

    It is for the Chief Constable to ensure that Officers and PCSOs are acting appropriately with regards to photography in public places, and any queries regarding this should be addressed to the Chief Constable.

    However, decisions may be made locally to restrict photography, for example to protect children. Any questions on such local decisions should also be addressed to the force concerned.

    Jacqui Smith

    I’ll be continuing the dialog with Andrew Smith MP to see if there is anything further that can be done by the Home Secretary to remind her forces about this aspect of the law, as well sending my Chief Constable a copy of the letter.

    You can find your own Chief Constable on the main UK Police Service site.

    (I’ll now return you to the usual inane and irreverant japery that’s to be found round here.)

  • Looming


    It was beautiful and foggy this morning, so I had to take a couple of shots on the way into work. I love how this one came out looking so cinematic.


  • Grumble


    Among the many things I hate about being ill (I’m not very good at it for a start), is that it always completely screws with my sleeping pattern. I was up at 8am this morning. 8am! On a Sunday!

    Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to crawl back under the duvet and feel sorry for myself.

  • Yes, I'm still alive


    Apologies for the lack of content but there has been a lot going on recently to drag my attention away from this place. Settling into the new job for one. I still love you all, and I will be back to my normal ranty self soon.


  • Public Service Announcement

    Public Service Announcement

    Little Robot Dude says: “Remember to wrap up warm this winter, or I’ll shoot you in the head

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