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  • Blogging is not dead

    Well I would say that, wouldn’t I.

    I’m referring to a recent edition of Jason Kottke and Tim Carmody’s Noticing newsletter.

    Jason asked Noticing readers to send in links to their blogs and newsletters, or their favourite blogs and newsletters written by someone else, and as he says:

    My inbox exploded with replies. I couldn’t include all (or even most!) of the links I got, but below is a good sampling representative of the types of blogs and newsletters I received.

    It’s a great list, and I’ll be adding a few of them to my RSS feeds.

    There’s also a fantastic quote from Kari about why she writes:

    I also keep it out of spite, because I refuse to let social media take everything. Those shapeless, formless platforms haven’t earned it and don’t deserve it. I’ve blogged about this many times, but I still believe it: When I log into Facebook, I see Facebook. When I visit your blog, I see you.

    This place feels more like me than any other platform I use out there.

  • The Cellar

    If you are in any way linked to Oxford, you may have heard that The Cellar, one of our most beloved music venues, is under threat of closure.

    It’s been gratifying to see everyone mobilise so quickly, and after heartfelt posts by Richard Brabin and Sarah Tipper, I wanted to tell the story about my relationship with The Cellar.

    My first exposure to The Cellar was before I moved to Oxford, or even thought of doing so, back in 1995.

    I was living in Coventry, and helping out my friend’s bands where I could. One of the bands I crewed for booked a gig in at The Cellar, so we loaded the gear in the back of the van, and after a trip down the motorway, the doors opened.

    “Oh, McDonalds”

    It wasn’t quite the Oxford I’d heard of, the home of Radiohead and Supergrass, the Dreaming Spires. There we were, on Cornmarket, hungry, tired, trying to work out where the gig was. We found the alley

    “Fuck, that’s a lot of stairs” 1

    The Immaculate Assassins played to a couple of people, but it was a fun gig, and I remember the bar staff being lovely.

    Cut to 2003, I’d been in Oxford six years now (that’s another story), and The Cellar had become part of my life. At least once a week I’d find myself there, discovering a new band, meeting new people, a lot of whom are friends to this day.

    I wasn’t from here, but this had become my home. This was my Oxford.

    I was playing guitar in a band 2 with some friends (I say “playing”… I was trying to find interesting ways to get effects pedals to cover up for my lack of talent) and we’d been having fun rehearsing at Glasshouse. We’d started to get a set together, and we’d invite friends to rehearsals to hear what we were doing. They’d bring beer, we’d swap instruments, play some covers, arse around, but we kept coming back to the set. And we got tighter.

    I can’t exactly remember how it came about, but talk turned to actually playing the set in front of people. An actual gig.

    Then we got a gig, and it was at The Cellar. Playing support… but it was an actual fucking gig.

    I remember panicking slightly.

    (…it’s the Cellar…)

    Then I panicked a lot.

    The Cellar!

    (…we can’t play there, that’s where… proper bands play…)

    The day of the gig I was a wreck, I was so nervous I could barely speak. My partner was an absolute rock, we sat in my flat watching films, and she held my hand the whole time and told me it would be okay.

    We set up, we sound checked, I had a confusing conversation with the sound engineer about the amount of feedback I was producing (“…I’m going for Jesus & Mary Chain, I’ve got this… I think”), we got a round of applause from the bar staff (I told you they were lovely), and then we waited.

    Next thing I remember is seeing my band mates on the stage, and my partner saying “shouldn’t you be up there?”, I panicked, ran round the back of the artist area, up on to the stage smacking my head on the lintel on the way (if you’ve played The Cellar, you’ll know the bit of architecture I mean), plugging my guitar in, and thinking “this is it, I’m on stage at The Cellar, and I’ve given myself concussion, I’m about to pass out. Good work Garrett”.

    Polytechnic - Garrett

    I didn’t pass out, and by all accounts we played a good gig. I don’t remember much of it. At the bar after the gig a friend said that I had an “unconventional” style of guitar playing. I took that as a compliment.

    The Cellar is an important part of my life, and it’s an important part of countless other lives.

    The Cellar is one of those place where memories are formed.

    1. The plaintive cry of roadies everywhere. 

    2. We were called Polytechnic, for some reason I’ve forgotten, hence the domain. 

  • Time

    Today, on the 13th May 2015, I stood at the top of Elizabeth Tower, next to Big Ben as it struck 3pm.

    Hey look kids, there's Big Ben, and there's Parliament…

    Sometimes our memory can be fuzzy about where we were, or what we were doing, at a particular moment in history, but I will always know exactly where I was at 3pm on the 13th May 2015.

    That’s a moment in time that hadn’t happened before, and won’t happen again, and it’s mine.

  • Grumble


    Among the many things I hate about being ill (I’m not very good at it for a start), is that it always completely screws with my sleeping pattern. I was up at 8am this morning. 8am! On a Sunday!

    Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to crawl back under the duvet and feel sorry for myself.

  • Yes, I'm still alive


    Apologies for the lack of content but there has been a lot going on recently to drag my attention away from this place. Settling into the new job for one. I still love you all, and I will be back to my normal ranty self soon.


  • Hiatus

    I’ve decided to take a break from posting for a while. There are some personal things happening that I need to focus my attention on, and this place is a too much of a distraction to handle right now, so I’m putting it in stasis.

    Hopefully I’ll be back at some point.

  • Happy New Year

  • Responsibility


    Darn tootin’!


  • Back from holiday, older if not wiser

    So while I was away I turned 30 (more about that later when I can string a coherent sentence together), but more importantly I was asked by a Wikipedia editor if they could use a picture I took of my camera for the corresponding entry on Wikipedia.

    Now that’s much more fun and newsworthy than turning 30 dontcha think *:)

  • Holiday

    I’m off on holiday tomorrow, back to beautiful Montréal. Depending on the schedule, updates here may be few and far between, but no matter what you can count on my flickr stream being regularly updated.

    While I’m out there I’ll be doing a little bit of work (we’ve had a nightmare couple of weeks with regard to hardware problems) and I’m hoping to finalise the design for polytechnic — you may have noticed small changes creeping in here and there, look ma! colour! — but if I make no promises, then you can’t be disappointed.


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