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  • Ditching Google Analytics

    For the longest time I’ve had Google Analytics running on this site. On the occasions when a post got popular, it would be fun to look at the real-time data, see where visitors were coming from, understand how my words were making it around the web.

    As of today I’ve removed their analytics code, and will be going back to good old server side logs.

    A number of things have led me to this decision.

    One is my renewed interest in the Indieweb and wanting to be less reliant on outside parties.

    Another is performance, less scripting means less bytes.

    And finally, and most importantly, privacy. As seductive and interesting as it is watching people visit the site in real-time, and digging down into the paths they took, why do I need to know any of that? I’m not a business, I don’t have “funnels”, “conversions”, or “targets”. You come, you read, you leave.

    The server logs will still be grabbing some data. Specifically when you visited, what you visited, who referred you (if anyone), and your browser.

    It’s a blunt tool, but I’m okay with that.

  • Lockdown

    That world formed the web’s foundations — without that world to build on, Google, Facebook, and Twitter couldn’t exist. But they’ve now grown so large that everything from that web-native world is now a threat to them, and they want to shut it down. “Sunset” it. “Clean it up.” “Retire” it. Get it out of the way so they can get even bigger and build even bigger proprietary barriers to anyone trying to claim their territory.

    Well, fuck them, and fuck that.

    Lockdown – Marco Arment.

  • Volumes of data

    2.3 million photos with location data were uploaded to Flickr this month; 95,634,285 in total. That’s according to Brady Forrest’s post over at O’Reilly Radar on the appearance of Flickr photos on Google Street View.

    2.3 million in one month!

  • Drupal gets 20 slots in the Google Summer Of Code 2007

    Google will be sponsoring 20 Drupal projects as part of their Summer Of Code this year, that’s a phenomenal result for the Drupal community.

    Thank you to Google for the unbelievably generous support. This represents $100,000 worth of financial contributions to Drupal development, $10,000 of which will be donated to the Drupal Association.

    A few of the projects that will be worth keeping an eye on are the Jabber/XMPP integration, RSS/Atom improvements, an SMS framework, and an automated staging environment toolkit.

  • Google buys YouTube for $1.65bn

    After all the speculation over the past few days it’s finally happened.

    The two companies will continue to operate independently, Google said as it announced the news on Monday.

    Damn, there go all the “GooTube” and “Yoogle” mashup parodies then.

    Update: Interesting commentary about the deal at Read/Write Web:

    There is a LOT of talk about the deal, but for me it’s significant as a watershed moment for the Web and online video. If Google is willing to spend $1.65B on the leading online video company, then they must believe that for both YouTube and the online video industry as a whole – there is a lot more growth to come.

  • Run!!! They're coming!!!

    Holy shit, that’s one big earwig. Run for your lives people!

    (What the hell kind of pesticide are the Germans using?)

    Hat tip: Boing Boing

    Update: Damn my weakness at entomology. According to this post on the Google Earth forum it’s a thrips. Poor thing got squished between a glass plate and the film during scanning.

  • Supercool

  • Unfortunately $name

    Via Eric (via Wolf) comes this very daft idea of searching for “Unfortunately” plus your first name.

    I’m a sucker for a daft idea.

    Unfortunately Garrett re-injured his shoulder in his first match and has undergone shoulder surgery
    sniff such a promising Curling career too
    Unfortunately, Garrett does not tell it.
    You’re just not asking the right questions
    Unfortunately, Garrett would not have been the subject of a Behind the Music episode if his story ended there.
    I always go that little step too far… It’s a failing I know.
    Unfortunately, Garrett also includes a disappointing, confusing, frustrating, and mostly irrelevant subplot dealing with Galt’s family.
    Aha! You said “mostly”, that means it was at least partly relevant
    Unfortunately, Garrett and his mystic scarab were buried under several tons of rubble during his final battle on Pago Island.
    I miss my scarab, he was very mystical
  • Google's brain keeps getting bigger

    Vint Cerf, the “Father of the Internet” (co-inventor of TCP/IP amongst other things), has been hired by Google. His official title will be Chief Internet Evangelist.