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  • SaaS: Stroopwafels as a Service

  • Throwing puppies

    A German student created a major traffic jam in Bavaria when he ‘mooned’ a group of Hell’s Angels, hurled a puppy at them and then escaped on a bulldozer.

    Best opening paragraph ever.


  • Wax seal

    “Stumbled upon this on I wouldn’t mind having it,”

    said njcalhoun
    “Me neither”

    said Denise.

    Ditto, says I.

  • "We got rules people"

    Love the choice of language on this NASA comment form.

  • Chaaaaarge!

    We might as well close the internet, this wins.

    /via Denise

  • Otamatone

    Santa, if you’re collating your list this early in the year then I want an otamatone please.

  • Pop!

    Popping our balloon was the moment of truth for our enterprise, and worked surprisingly well as we were left with a cycling helmet of thick chocolate.

    Pimp That Snack – Ten Tonneocks Teacake


  • The possibility of technological magic

    I always tell people to send me physical things by email as attachments. The pause while they work out whether this is possible or not is a moment of great mechanical wheel turning beauty and highlights a cultural acceptance of the possibility of technological magic.

    - srboisvert in a Metafilter thread about the UK postcode system

  • Real Life Tron

    One day, when Marco and I were playing against two computer opponents, we forced one of the AI cycles to trap itself between its own walls and the bottom game border. Sensing an impending crash, it fired a missile, just like it always did whenever it was trapped. But this time was different – instead of firing at another trail, it fired at the game border, which looked like any other light cycle trail as far as the computer was concerned. The missile impacted with the border, leaving a cycle-sized hole, and the computer promptly took the exit and left the main playing field. Puzzled, we watched as the cycle drove through the scoring display at the bottom of the screen. It easily avoided the score digits and then drove off the screen altogether.

    Shortly after, the system crashed.

    Our minds reeled as we tried to understand what we had just seen. The computer had found a way to get out of the game. When a cycle left the game screen, it escaped into computer memory – just like in the movie.

    Daniel Wellman reminisces about the day his program went awol and life started imitating art.

  • On being accomplished

    One thing I definitely want to say is that, from the start, we’ve surrounded ourselves with people who believe in us. Even when we’ve had no money, the same people have been behind us and worked on our behalf over the years. It’s not about being lucky with record companies – it’s about the people who’ve stuck with us through thick and thin. So this is a celebration for about three dozen people, and we’re going to throw ourselves into their arms and have a massive party. And I have to say, on a final note, we’re all very, very accomplished drinkers.

    - Guy Garvey from Elbow on winning the 2008 Mercury Music Prize

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