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  • Encoding data in dubstep drops

    Dubstep songs are often criticized as sound extremely computer generated and often just too aggressive/“digital” for a lot of people to enjoy. It’s not uncommon for people to joke that they sound like someone had added a bassline and drums to modem noises

    For some tracks this is truer than others. After all, it’s a genre with more aggressive interpretations and more relaxed ones.

    But that had me thinking, how much effort would it be to actually embed machine readable data inside a dubstep track, while ensuring that the sound could be enjoyed by humans as well…

    Encoding data in dubstep drops.

    I want to call this something punny. Dubsteg? Dubsteganography? Dubstepanography?

    Via O’Reilly’s Four Short Links (which is well worth space in your RSS reader).