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  • Aim to be porous

    Obviously, open by default is the new fashionable, but I’m pretty sure it’s no longer enough for organisations to be “open” because no matter how hard you try, eventually that just becomes PR and marketing fluff. Much better to aim to be porous. For people and conversations and ideas to flow in and out irrespective of departmental and organisational boundaries. Rip down the barriers to conversation and collaboration internally and externally.

    Michael Smethurst

  • Communicating with humans

    Take time to think about your own professional communications. Don’t accept biz-speak as the right solution, regardless of how ubiquitous it is. Be human, and engage directly with people – they’ll respect you for it, and be more willing to give your business a chance.

    Matt Gemmell rewrites Adobe’s press release announcing the end of Flash for mobile. It’s like Adobe never read the Cluetrain Manifesto.