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A SQLite extension for querying, manipulating, and creating HTML elements.

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Cleaning data with sqlite-utils and Datasette

This tutorial will show you how to use sqlite-utils to clean data, import it into SQLite and explore it with Datasette.

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"pgloader loads data into PostgreSQL and allows you to implement Continuous Migration from your current database to PostgreSQL"

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redbean – single-file distributable web server

"redbean makes it possible to share web applications that run offline as a single-file actually portable executable zip archive which contains your assets. […] redbean can serve 1 million+ gzip encoded responses per second on a cheap personal computer. […] It embeds the Lua programming language and SQLite which let you write dynamic pages. "

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Free & Open Source Airtable alternative. Turns any SQL database into a smart spreadsheet. Supports MySQL, Postgres, SQL server, MariaDB & SQLite.

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Streaming S3 replication for SQLite.

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Full text searchable tweet archive with SQLite

Full text searchable tweet archive: $ pip install csvs-to-sqlite datasette [download archive from…

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Database Flow

"Database Flow is an open source self-hosted SQL client, GraphQL server, and charting application that works with your database. Visualize schemas, query plans, charts, and results. You can run Database Flow locally for your own use, or install to a shared server for the whole team."

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Python/SQLite based digital asset management system. Can be configured to use MySQL. Requires Ubuntu to run, no support for other operating systems.

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