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Three futures: Exploring the future of web monetization

"This paper aims to kick-start this sort of discussion for Web Monetization by exploring its potential long-term impacts; positing both positive and negative ways the technology may change how we use the web, and providing recommendations to ensure they result in a more equitable, open, and diverse web."

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From PayPoint, this API lets people without bank accounts pay for online services.

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Recurring Subscription Sites

Sarah Parmenter gathers a list of recurring payment/subscription sites.

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Compare recurring billing services

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CheddarGetter - Online Recurring Billing Manager

Simplified subscriptions and recurring payments

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A javascript library which allows you to embed a PCI compliant order form within a site which hooks into your own merchant gateway. Has in-line validation and real-time total calculations. Subscription required

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Introduction To Online Payments - TL;DR: It's A Total Bitch

"There are still a plethora of players who have to touch your information to process a simple credit card transaction, and each and every one of them gets to take a little bit of your money and introduce their own technical hassles."

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