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The Gauntlet: Women wanted to fly jets in combat. It would prove the fight of their lives. - Vox

"In the early 1990s, few corners of the military were as misogynistic as the world of fighter pilots. This is the story of the women Navy officers who overcame that culture to fly the formidable F-14."

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Observe. Orient. Decide. Act.| MetaFilter

"John Richard Boyd was a U.S. Air Force F-86 and F-100 pilot. Indeed, at the elite Fighter Weapons School he was arguably the best pilot and instructor in the world during his tenure."

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Amazing Military Infographics

"After a while you realize that this image could be used anywhere in any paper or presentation and make perfect sense. This is a graphic that defines a way of describing anything that has ever existed and everything that has ever happened, in any situation."

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The Frightening Beauty of Bunkers

Photogallery and essay about "the Atlantic Wall", the series of 1500 bunkers built along the French coast during WWII to thwart an Allied landing.

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