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Mixed Reality documentation | Microsoft Docs

"Explore the expanding world of Mixed Reality applications with the Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK), Windows Mixed Reality, Unity, Unreal, and more for HoloLens and Windows Immersive Headsets."

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Battles: The Art of Repetition - YouTube

"Ableton visit Battles at their New York rehearsal space, onstage at Immergut Festival and in Rhode Island at Machines with Magnets studios for the recording of their new album “La Di Da Di”. Along the way, we get an intimate look inside the band’s set-up, their methods of composing, plus we get to know the three very different personalities that drive the band forward."

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Slowdive - Souvlaki - Pitchfork Classic

Slowdive offers an oral history of Souvlaki, with intimate interviews examining the stories behind this modern classic.

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Killer mom

A leopard takes down a baboon, but then notices it has a newborn

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True Films

Kevin Kelly curates a list of the best documentary films out there.

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Bear 71 - An interactive documentary

An interactive documentary which begins with the capture of a grizzly, its tagging, and then release. A first-person narrative tells a story through the eyes of the bear. As the observer, youfollow the bear and explore its environment on an abstract map.

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Worlds first film footage from an airplane

During a flight demonstration in 1909, Wilbur Wright attached a camera to his plane and took the worlds first footage from an airplane

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