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The Pine Walk Collection's Stream

"DJ Sets from Fire Island Pines & New York City (1979-1999). These tapes were found in a recently purchased house on Pine Walk. There are over 200 tapes in total and they have been carefully digitized and remastered and offered to stream for free here on Mixcloud with permission from all of the living DJs we were able to contact. "

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"TELEPHONE is just like the kids’ game. A message is whispered from one person to another and changes as it is passed. We whisper a message from art form to art form. A message could become a painting, then music, then poetry, then dance. We whisper each finished work of art to multiple artists so the game branches out exponentially."

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Dancing the flip-flop

There’s a particular process I’m fascinated by, and I tell people about it all the time, but recently I realized I’d never actually written it down—so here you go.

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Seth's Blog: Guy #3

Seth Godin's take on the spontaneous dance tribe video from The Sasquatch festival in Washington State last year. Ties in nicely to a few points from my OGN Community talk.

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