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Adobe Sucks Scrotum

Open source, free, and one-time payment alternatives to Adobe.

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Markdown to InDesign

Based on the ideas and tools discussed in this article, we’re developing a web service for automated cross-media publishing. The idea is simple enough: with our service, you will just dump some .docx (or markdown) files into your favorite cloud storage bucket (say Dropbox) and get .indd files in return, fully compatible with your already existing InDesign templates and styles, which you can then further tweak.

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25 years of user interface design… progress?

Strange to see all the Photoshop tool palette iterations laid out like that.

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This guy really has had enough of Flash

I've got to admire a rant entitled "Fuck Flash In The Fucking Neck With Barbed Wire Coated In Arsenic"

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How to remove locally-stored Flash 'cookies'

Uses a Flash based tool on the Adobe site. Although it's a Mac OSX hints page the tip applies across platforms.

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Digital Foundations - Intro to Media Design

Creative commons licensed book teaching the principles of design.

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