The personal brain-dump of Garrett Coakley

Oxford Punt listening notes

Select quotes from this month's Nightshift so I can work out who I'm seeing at the Oxford Punt tonight

Purple Turtle

  • 7pm Moogieman & the Masochists (are cleverer than you or us and have songs about the murder of Rosa Luxembourg, astronauts leaving their phones on the moon, and Wolf-Rayet stars)
  • 8pm The Aureate Act (smart enough to realise there’s nothing wrong with teenage musicians declaring a love for Genesis, Pink Floyd and King Crimson)
  • 9pm Being Eugene (purveyors of metalcore of a particularly virulent strain)
  • 10pm Drore (a malevolent, doomy crustcore supergroup)


  • 7.30 Great Western Tears (roadhouse country-blues)
  • 8.15 Slate Hearts (grunge riffage)
  • 9.15 Kanadia (Radiohead/stadium pop)
  • 10.15 STEM (electro duo, Portishead and Sneaker Pimps)


  • 8pm The Beckoning Fair Ones (tightly reined-in rage)
  • 9pm Cherokee (mighty heavy rock songs)
  • 9.45 Crystallite (big ol’ 80s stadium rock and blues given a goodtime grunge kick up the backside)
  • 10.30 Too Many Poets (in-your face gothic rock)

Turl Street Kitchen

  • 8pm Charlie Leavy (hints of soul, jazz and even funk, Alicia Keys)
  • 9pm Coldredlight (frankly astonishing emo-blues)
  • 10pm Little Red (twist folk music into sublime new shapes, Imagine Nick Cave leading First Aid Kit into the forest to have tea with the Big Bad Wolf)
  • 11pm Crandle (lo-fi cabaret duo armed only with the cheapest Casio keyboard in the shop)

White Rabbit

  • 8.30 Kancho! (lo-fi, high-octane two-man hardcore assault, At The Drive-In, Shellac)
  • 9.30 These Are Our Demands (taught, Sonic Youth-flavoured rockabilly ruckus)
  • 10.30 Lucy Leave (energetic and lo-fi noise approach, underpinning tigerish Pixies pop with bulldozing Hawkwind basslines)
  • 11.30 Brown Glove (Victorian gothic and dark sexual themes)