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New features at flickr and upcoming.org

Over the weekend flickr and upcoming.org both announced new features, increasing the utility and integration between the Yahoo! stable of sites.

First up we have the very cool addition of proper geocoding in flickr. No more geotagged and geo:lat/lon tags. If you have pictures that you've previously geotagged then those can be imported into the new system in the background (plus they're looking at cleaning up the geo* tags later on after import). API methods for developers are due to be released real soon now.

Then, over at upcoming.org - the global event calendar - they've just launched a raft of new shiny things including improved event filters and an “Undiscovered events” facility. This pulls events from Yahoo! Local that haven't been added by the community yet, allowing the pre-seeding of Metros and easing the burden on adding common events.

Finally, in a nifty piece of cross site development, you can tag an image over at Flickr with the special upcoming:event=$eventID tag, that picture will then appear on the event page on upcoming.org. This little tweak is a personal favourite of mine.