The personal brain-dump of Garrett Coakley

Does anyone else see this?

Apple just played their hand. An iMac with a remote control and home entertainment software. Why is no-one else talking about this? All the feeds I'm looking at right now are talking about the video iPod ... fuck the video iPod, look out for the updates to Front Row, here comes the digital hub, and it's going to be as easy to use as an Mac.

Update: Mr Gruber has his groove on, as usual.

The full-screen UI of Front Row is just begging to be hooked up to a TV. Begging. Now that there exists a "video iPod", the next new "Apple has to be working on this" mega-rumor is going to revolve around how Apple plans to bring this Front Row UI to your TV. What's interesting about this is that while Apple has a reputation for making spectacular announcements, their long-term strategy for a media entertainment platform is unfolding incrementally.