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Delgados Split

This turned up in my inbox yesterday via the Chemikal Underground mailing list.

The Delgados, influential figures in Glasgow's independent music scene for over 10 years, have announced that they are to amicably disband. The reason has been put down to the departure of their bass player Stewart Henderson who informed the band in the New Year that he did not wish to make another album. The Delgados have always been known as uniquely collaborative songwriters and as such, it was decided that the band could not continue without all of its original members.

Stewart has written a lovely little piece saying goodbye on his diary page.

Bugger! I love the Delgados but never got a chance to see them live, it just never happened. That's that plan scuppered now. If anyone has any pointers to decent bootlegs I'd be very grateful.

(Currently playing in iTunes: No Danger by The Delgados, from The Great Eastern)