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Catholicism and Fandom

I'm a big fan of Ryan Broderick's Garbage Day newsletter, it's an excellent overview of the latest weirdness happening on the web (ever wondered what the hell that sea shanty thing was about? Garbage Day is the newsletter for you).

In Monday's issue, whilst talking about Tumblr Blaze, Ryan made this observation:

You might not know this, but there’s a decently-sized chunk of Catholic users on Tumblr. (Based on my years of Catholic school, I’m going to guess that Catholics love fandom spaces for the same reason they love Catholicism — endless fights about canonization, rigid, yet inscrutable hierarchies, and copious amounts of psychosexual artwork.)

As someone who was raised Irish Roman Catholic (but is now very firmly in the atheist camp), and who also went to a Catholic school (run by nuns no less) this made me chuckle.