The personal brain-dump of Garrett Coakley

IndieWebCamp Oxford 2019

We had the second IndieWebCamp in Oxford on Saturday, hosted at the lovely Oxfordshire Central Library.

Normally these are run over two days, with a barcamp on day one, and building things on day two. Unfortunately I could only secure the venue for one day, so we had a compressed version.

I opened with a super super brief overview of the Indie Web, and then we had a quick round table chat about what people were hoping to work on. We had a good mix of first timers and old hands.

For my project I wanted to look at pulling in my bookmarks from Pinboard, using a PESOS approach to mirror them on my site. Pinboard has a great ecosystem of tools that already work for me, so there were a lot of wheels I didn’t want to reinvent.

I made some headway, building a Perch app to handle the content model and the syncing.

The app understands the content I want to pull in, and I have the code to talk to Pinboard working, but those two pieces aren’t talking to each other.

I’d like to think I have two thirds of the puzzle.

Unfortunately I had to leave before the end so didn’t get a chance to completely finish the build. My aim is to find some time in the next few weeks to finish it up and release it to the Perch community.

I’d like to thank Summer Of Hacks for inviting me to be a part of their program (I think I made them stretch the idea of "summer" a bit far), and especially Rich for finishing up the workshop in my absence, Oxfordshire County Libraries for hosting us, and Haybrook for their sponsorship.

Here’s to next year.

Some of the other attendees have written about their experiences of the day.

I’ll link up others as they come in.