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Nine people came together at CERN for five days and made something amazing. I still can’t quite believe it.

This is a wonderful project in celebration of the Web’s 30th birthday, recreating the first ever browser, WorldWideWeb, which ran on NeXT machines.

My first job in technology, working on the computer support desk at Coventry University (back in 1995… eek!), involved looking after a number of NeXT machines. So even outside of the Web angle, this project is full of all sorts of nostalgia and memories for me. And how incredible is it that they’ve built the browser inside a browser!

I’m extremely pleased about how this site renders in WorldWideWeb, a testemant to the resilience of plain old semantic HTML

Polytechnic next browser

If you want to have a play with any of your own sites, getting started is a little different to these days:

  1. Launch the WorldWideWeb browser.
  2. Select “Document” from the menu on the side.
  3. Select “Open from full document reference”.
  4. Type a URL into the “reference” field.
  5. Click “Open”.

And remember, you need to double click on links to activate them.

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This month, a collection of some of my favourite geeks got invited to CERN in Geneva to participate in a week-long hackathon with the aim of reimplementing WorldWideWeb – the first web browser, circa 1990-1994 – as a web application. I’m super jealous, but I’m also really pleased with what they managed to produce.

Dan Q on 20 Feb 2019
Thanks for this, Garret!
ge ricci on 22 Feb 2019
Please include @johnallsopp on the list next time. Thanks!
Martin Akolo Chiteri on 22 Feb 2019
Oh crap, sorry @johnallsopp!
Garrett Coakley on 22 Feb 2019
And @johnallsopp! Sorry about that John.
Garrett Coakley on 22 Feb 2019