The personal brain-dump of Garrett Coakley


Ethan wrote today about his gif repository and how he manages it. As some friends will know I also have a repository, which was entirely inspired by Ethan.

I say "inspired", what I mean is "blatantly ripped off from".

The repository sits in a subdirectory hanging off one of my domains. I can't quite remember why it ended up in a subdirectory, it's not like I'm running short of domains, but there it sits. One thing on my to-do list is moving it somewhere else.

Like Ethan there isn't much technical going on behind the scenes, it's a standard Apache directory listing which gives me simple ordering. It's refreshing in an old school way, but I do sometimes get the itch to dig into Apache's AutoIndex Formatting and fancy it up a bit.

Kaylee from Firefly exclaims that everything is fancy

Transferring files isn't something I've spent a huge amount of time over. I've always been a bit of command line nerd, so interesting files get saved to my desktop, and then secure copied up to the server. It happens so often now that there are 75 entries in my history file for running that one command for the last 3 months alone.

This post came about from a little back and forth with Ethan where I said I would write something, and he's good people, so I hate to let him down.

Plus it's fun to write about little projects.

Go forth and create little projects!