The personal brain-dump of Garrett Coakley

Ditching Google Analytics

For the longest time I've had Google Analytics running on this site. On the occasions when a post got popular, it would be fun to look at the real-time data, see where visitors were coming from, understand how my words were making it around the web.

As of today I've removed their analytics code, and will be going back to good old server side logs.

A number of things have led me to this decision.

One is my renewed interest in the Indieweb and wanting to be less reliant on outside parties.

Another is performance, less scripting means less bytes.

And finally, and most importantly, privacy. As seductive and interesting as it is watching people visit the site in real-time, and digging down into the paths they took, why do I need to know any of that? I'm not a business, I don't have "funnels", "conversions", or "targets". You come, you read, you leave.

The server logs will still be grabbing some data. Specifically when you visited, what you visited, who referred you (if anyone), and your browser.

It's a blunt tool, but I'm okay with that.