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Print on demand and hyperlocal data

I received my invite to the beta of Newspaper Club the other day and ever since have been trying to work out exactly which of the many stupid ideas I've had are feasible (not many it seems).

As luck would have it Brian Suda's always excellent optional.is has a great post today ruminating on print on demand and the PaperNet (a term originally coined by Aaron Straup Cope).

Needless to say, we thought about how memorable it would be if you went to look at a house and the home-owner didn’t give you a simple A4 sheet with an address (yeah, thanks we managed to find the house already, so you giving us the address isn’t much help) instead they gave you a 12 page newspaper about the area. How well the school system is compared to other areas, where is the nearest shop to get some milk on a Sunday morning, a list of restaurants nearby, information about the parking discs and council tax, etc. If a home owner gave me a newspaper about the area and the stats looked good, I’d be sold!

The post is full of inspiring examples of this intersection between The Internet, print on demand and hyperlocal data sources.

Now, if only I could come up with my killer newspaper idea.