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Herding cats at Oxford Geek Night

(8th May 2018: Updated related links URL to point to Pinboard)

Last night I gave an updated version of my talk on successful community management, "How to Herd Cats" (slideshare link), at the sixteenth Oxford Geek Night.

(Update: Al has posted his video of the talk on Vimeo, thanks Al)

It was a particular honour to be asked to give a keynote as it was almost three years to the day (give or take a week) that I did a microslot talk at the very first Geek Night (a little nugget that JP stole for his introduction. Damn your eyes sir!).

As usual the night was great fun. Thanks to JP for all the organisation and set up (it's true, gaffer tape really does hold the universe together), and thanks to everyone who came. I received lots of nice feedback after I'd finished the talk, which is always gratifying.

For those of you who wanted to delve deeper into the subject, then as I mentioned during the talk, you really can't do any better than Jono Bacon's "The Art Of Community". It's available for free download under a Creative Commons license, but I would urge you to buy a copy too. It really is a fantastic piece of work.

I've also collated links to related sites and articles on ~~delicious.com~~ Pinboard under the tag "ogn16".

And finally, for those of you who kept asking me about the Stormtrooper slide, I present you with the most awesome link in the history of awesome links: Stormtrooper 365.