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Tips on running a successful online community

(8th May 2018: Updated the “accompanying links” URL to point to Pinboard)

Yesterday I gave a talk at the Leeds GeekUp event. It was a 20:20 style presentation on a subject of my choosing, so I went for tips on running a successful online community.

Still flushed from the success of the Oxford Flickr Exhibition and having given a lot of recent thought to just how much we’ve achieved as a group in the last three years it seemed a good subject to tackle.

The talk seemed to go down very well with more than a few laughs elicited from the crowd. I had a really great time and the Leeds lot are a really nice bunch of people. It’s good to see the grassroots level geekery flourishing all over the country.

20:20 style talks are pretty tricky and if I learnt one thing it’s not have so many bullet points in my notes, there’s really only time for one nugget per slide. It was a lot of fun though and I’m going to see if JP is up for trying them out at a future Oxford Geek Night.

I’ve posted my slides if you want to have a look but I’m not sure how much sense they’ll make in isolation. Of more use are the accompanying links on delicious accompanying links on Pinboard.

Thanks to everyone at Leeds for a great night.