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Mainstream journalists in "still not getting Twitter" shock!

Shane Richmond of The Telegraph lays into those mainstream journalists and commentators who are still confusing Twitter with a publishing platform.

To criticise Twitter for its content (or, I should say, your perception of its content) makes as much sense as criticising the content of the telephone networks or the postal service. Like them, Twitter is a means of communicating. The content communicated has no bearing on its value.

And as he rightly recognises, they're not used to being called on their knowledge and veracity.

It’s now possible for columnists and companies to hear what people are saying about them. That’s unnerving for columnists, not least because their opinions are now frequently challenged by people who know more than they do. Instead of responding like adults – correcting when they’ve made a mistake, engaging when someone raises a sensible point and defending themselves from false accusations – they are whining like children and dismissing technologies that they don’t understand.

(Hat tip: John Naughton)