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This is how Social Media really works

Matt Haughey points out the obvious flaw in the logic of bandwagon marketeers and companies who just don't get it.

So maybe instead of getting your company on twitter, paying marketers to mention you are on twitter, and paying people to blog about your company, forget all that and just make awesome stuff that gets people excited about your products, hire people that represent the company well, and when your stuff is so awesome that friends share it with other friends, you may not even need "social media marketing" after all.

Concentrate on what you do well, give great service, and people will talk about you and evangelise you. Do it badly or try to game the system and people will still talk, but for all the wrong reasons.

(And while I'm on the subject, if one more account with the phrase "social media expert" in their description tries to follow me on Twitter heads are going to roll. Seriously, just piss off will you.)

I can't believe we still have to link to The Cluetrain Manifesto 10 years after it was first published.