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Community tips from Fortuitous

Sorry things have been so quiet round here recently, but Heather and myself have been busting ourselves stupid trying to get the new version of Scarleteen finished (more on that when it launches). We're not quite done yet but at least the end is in site.

Anyhow, the reason for this post (apart from the apology) is to point out a fantastic article on Matt Haughey's new site, Fortuitous, Some Community Tips for 2007 - Seven tips on how to run a successful community.

Every year or so I write a long post or do a presentation at a conference on the subject of community. Each time I approach the subject, I take what I've already written and add to it with recent things I've learned or learned long before and only recently realized. To prepare for an upcoming presentation, I decided to write down stuff I've learned/realized in the last 12 months. I suspect I'll be revisiting this topic many times on this blog but I wanted to kick off this first foray into community with a list of stuff I've been thinking about recently, but haven't written much about yet.

Matt is the founder of Metafilter (amongst other things) so when he offers up tips about running an online community, you'd better make sure you're taking notes.