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Clooney and SciFi making “Diamond Age” miniseries

Wow, this is great news.

Diamond Age, based on Neal Stephenson's best-selling novel The Diamond Age: Or a Young Lady's Illustrated Primer, is a six-hour miniseries from Clooney and fellow executive producer Grant Heslov of Smokehouse Productions. When a prominent member of society concludes that the futuristic civilization in which he lives is stifling creativity, he commissions an interactive book for his daughter that serves as a guide through a surreal alternate world. Stephenson will adapt his novel for the miniseries, the first time the Hugo and Nebula award winner has written for TV.

So lets see, we have the Sci-Fi channel who continue to keep me on the edge of my seat with Battlestar Galactica, George Clooney whose recent output behind the camera has been enthralling (Good Night, and Good Luck, Syriana), working with Neal Stephenson on an adaptation of one of his books (which also happens to be one of my favourites) ...

... pleasedon'tfuckitup pleasedon'tfuckitup!

Hat tip: Boingboing