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Final CSS fixes for IE7 published

Markus Mielke has published the final list of CSS changes for IE7 now that they're in lockdown and getting ready for shipping.

In all, we made over 200 behavior changes (bug fixes or new features) under strict mode to improve CSS2.1 compliance.

Some of the fixes include the infamous peekaboo bug, three pixel text jog, and doubled float-margin bug.

As well as the bug fixes there are other improvements including :hover on all elements not just <a>, background-attachment: fixed working on all elements, and support for min/max width/height (finally!!).

I'm disappointed that display: table still isn't in there but there is hope for the future

We are already planning for the next IE release and will continue down the road of improving our CSS support.

Praise where praise is due, I think the team over there has done a great job so far. Now I (and many others) want to see this kept up.