The personal brain-dump of Garrett Coakley

Unfortunately $name

Via Eric (via Wolf) comes this very daft idea of searching for "Unfortunately" plus your first name.

I'm a sucker for a daft idea.

Unfortunately Garrett re-injured his shoulder in his first match and has undergone shoulder surgery
*sniff* such a promising Curling career too
Unfortunately, Garrett does not tell it.
You're just not asking the right questions
Unfortunately, Garrett would not have been the subject of a Behind the Music episode if his story ended there.
I always go that little step too far... It's a failing I know.
Unfortunately, Garrett also includes a disappointing, confusing, frustrating, and mostly irrelevant subplot dealing with Galt's family.
Aha! You said "mostly", that means it was at least partly relevant
Unfortunately, Garrett and his mystic scarab were buried under several tons of rubble during his final battle on Pago Island.
I miss my scarab, he was very mystical