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A panel discussion on design for disaster

Via 37Signals

‘Can Design Prepare for Disaster?’ is a panel discussion with seven designers about how design fits into discussions of terrorism, subway safety, national identity cards, cataclysmic storms, and survivalism.

Michael Rakowitz, artist, on car safety in the 70’s:

In Victor Papanek’s ‘Design for the Real World,’ there’s a great anecdote about car safety in the 1970’s, which was totally ignored by Detroit-based companies for a while. In order to raise visibility of the fact that bumper design was not going to cause an increase of, like, $500 per car if they went ahead and did a better bumper, he sandwiched together beer cans and two shelves and drove it into the Senate building to show that you can make this bumper out of makeshift materials. And that raised a kind of public discussion about design.