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Quote Of The Day

Some salutary words from Phil Ringnalda regarding the recent Web Apps vs Google Accelerator incident:

"Making the fire alarm look just like a light switch isn't an example of daring and innovative design, it's just dangerous."

Also see Joe Gregorio's thoughts on the matter.

I'm not trying to single 37Signals out here, I've got a great admiration for what they're doing and I know they're not the only ones who got bitten by this, but they are the most visible. We need these reminders every now and again that playing too fast and loose with the standards can have unforeseen consequences further down the line. GET and POST are different for a reason, and hiding that difference for the cause of 'design' is to miss the whole point of design.

We're not just talking colour and shape here, good design has always encompassed function too.

Still, it's been a long while since I've been this excited about what I do for a living, exciting times indeed. Now when's that IE7 beta being released? *:)