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Copywriting Is Interface Design

Interesting post from Jason at 37Signals regarding the issue of copywriting on the web and how often it gets overlooked in the development process.

CSS, HTML, XHTML, Standards, IA, flow diagrams, charts, boxes and arrows, color schemes, textured backgrounds, buttons or links, tables or floats, fixed or liquid layouts, etc. All important at some level. But where’s the talk about copywriting?

Copywriting is interface design. Great interfaces are written. If you think every pixel matters then you also need to think every letter matters.

Absolutely. Having a copywriter on your team is an incredibly powerful tool to have during the development process.

This issue becomes even more relevant when you're dealing with small to medium sized clients who more often than not, don't have access to in-house copywriters as large corps do, and whose content tends to be re-purposed from off-line materials.