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Backstage at the BBC

People, this is why we pay the license fee.

As Ben Hammersley so eloquently puts it:

The implications of this next sentence are, if taken with enough of a forward gaze, enough to make you shit. "Use our stuff to build your stuff".

Let me explain. The BBC have opened up their feeds and API's for people to effectively mash-up BBC content. Not only are the Beeb soliciting for prototypes but if you're not a programmer/geek you can still get involved by submitting ideas for others to attempt.

A couple of my favourites so far are Murray's del.icio.us intergration which allows you to tag news articles as you're viewing them, and Stef's WikiProxy which regexes news articles and links capitalised phrases and acronyms to their Wikipedia entries. If that wasn't enough it also hooks into the Technorati API to find blogs talking about that article.

This is unbelievably fucking cool. But it's also much more than that, this is the future of open content, this is the BBC showing the way forward. No more content locked behind walled gardens or obscure CMS's. Get it out in the open, let us play with it. Watch and be amazed.

Trust me, this is huge.