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Charity Time

Okay, listen up small audience of mine, time to dig deep and improve the universe.

My good friend Tara is going to shave her head next week for the Canadian charity Cops For Cancer. As if that wasn't enough, she has already dyed it blue in preparation for the main event, as can be seen here.

So all I'm asking is that if you've got a few spare quid knocking around then pop over to Tara's site and chuck some cash in the kitty, you can donate via Paypal or Interac. Even if it's not much, bear in mind the current state of the Canadian dollar, and that right now £1 is equal to $2.2CAD, so if you're donating from here, it's effectively doubled.

Enough blathering from me, go laugh at Tara's hair and then get your cash out.

Update (4th April 2005): She did it! With the added bonus of an evolt.org henna tattoo.