The personal brain-dump of Garrett Coakley


I've just been reading Jesse James Garrett's article about Ajax (short for for Asynchronous JavaScript + XML), a conceptual overview of XMLHTTPRequest enabled systems (If you have played with Google Suggest, Google Maps , or Flickr you'll have seen XMLHTTPRequest in action).

At Adaptive Path, we’ve been doing our own work with Ajax over the last several months, and we’re realizing we’ve only scratched the surface of the rich interaction and responsiveness that Ajax applications can provide. Ajax is an important development for Web applications, and its importance is only going to grow. And because there are so many developers out there who already know how to use these technologies, we expect to see many more organizations following Google’s lead in reaping the competitive advantage Ajax provides.

Andrew and myself have been talking about this ever since we got our head round Flickr and Google Suggest, and been getting pretty excited in the process, but one of the best things about this article (aside from JJG's ability to distil a concept down to easily digestible chunks) is that we don't have to say XMLHTTPRequest anymore. Thank god!