The personal brain-dump of Garrett Coakley

Laptop Woes

Got into the office this morning and went through the usual routine of unpacking my Powerbook from my bag. Damn thing has a crack in the bottom of the case. Shit!

I've always been attached to leon (for that is his name) and it's taken this latest incident to show just how attached I am. The wee fella is my workhorse, local development server, mail server, graphics studio and now with iTunes he's become a bit of a home entertainment center too (3 solid days worth of music - would be more but I'm running out of disk space).

Is it sad that a piece of consumer electrical equipment has managed to worm its way into the center of my life?

Anyway, I'm not ready to put him out to pasture yet, and even if I was I can't afford to, so I'm looking at places like powerbooktech.com to see if I can fix it myself.

Of course, if someone wanted to buy me a 15" Powerbook with backlit keyboard and SuperDrive then I might change my mind.