The personal brain-dump of Garrett Coakley


Over the past week I've found myself getting sucked into an ARG based in the world of The Matrix (If I lost you right after that first sentence, then this will give you a good overview of what ARG is. Also see articles linked from the press page at ARGN).

ARG is not a new thing for me, I was aware of the game Majestic when it launched, and I followed Beast (the ARG created to promote A.I.) for a little while, but apart from that they didn't really interest me. However, the Metacortex game has got me hooked (this primer and history will get you up to speed with what's happened so far).

I don't know whether it's because I like the premise behind The Matrix universe so I was willing to give this a little more time than any of the others, or whether it was just the fact that when I started reading the Unfiction forums I fell down the rabbit hole.

But anyway, I'm intrigued by the whole thing and it's renewed my enthusiasm for what this technology is capable of.

It has amazed me, watching all these people working together on a labyrinthine network of puzzles, solving clues using code breaking, steganography, social engineering, and psychology. I haven't been this excited about the networking/community building potential of the internet since I first discovered Usenet.

How did I miss this quiet evolution?