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Error Handling (again!)

I've just switched mobile phone provider, from O2 to Orange. Now that the transfer has completed I thought I'd go and see what account services Orange offers it's customers.

After about 1/2 hour of trying to register - involving timeouts (I'm on a 256k leased line here!), error messages saying the system was down, then it was back up, then it was down - the system finally let me sign up and log in.

First impressions seem good. I can check my inclusive call time and text message allowance, pay online, the usual. However, the build of the site isn't so good. Forms submitted using javascript, inconsistent text sizes causing input elements to jump around, and then we have this little beauty of a recursive error:

Error Unknown error number:
We are sorry you have encountered this problem. At the moment we are unable to establish the exact cause but if it re-occurs, please make a note of the error number and contact customer services via email at: *********@orange.co.uk. Please enclose details of the circumstances which caused the error.

So I have to take note of the non-existent error number, and then give it to Orange Customer Service? That makes perfect sense.