The personal brain-dump of Garrett Coakley

Hot Hot Hot!

The UK is suffering from a heat wave. Today we've had a high of 36C in Cambridge, 35C in Central London, and here in sunny Odiham, it's 34C. We have an aircon unit in the studio, but given the amount of monitors (7), and PC's (9) it's kinda of like watching two forces of nature battle over the equilibrium:

"Will it settle on 28C or 29C? Stay tuned to find out grapple fans!"

I don't deal with hot weather at all well. I get confused, slow down, forget words... all pretty crap and not really conducive to work. Daf says it's like watching Windows 98 Bluescreen. I'd rather be somewhere cold... I have good cold weather clothes. A huge parka with a furry hood, big boots, many jumpers... fuck all use in this weather.

Is there any point to this entry? Nope... but it was easier than trying to come up with an SQL query in this heat.

(cue lots of people from, I dunno, the Sahara or something pointing out that 34C isn't that hot and I should stop whinging)