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(2 posts in one day.... I must be ill!)

So there we are, having a conversation in #evolt about CMS's when Martin points out a website for a company that produce a product called Webfast.

Now, in big red letters on their site (this page in fact) they proclaim "NO PROGRAMMING REQUIRED! ". Not only that, but on this page they also claim "HTML coding not required".

All good selling points. One of the functions of a CMS is to allow none technical staff update content without having to know the underlying code of the web.

But wait! What's this we spy on the features page? (I had to clean up their HTML, it was shite):

1. To create a BOLD character
You will type <B>your text</B> --> Result: your text

2. To create an Italic character
You will type <I>your text</I> --> Result: your text

3. To create Italic and BOLD characters
You will type <I><B>your text</B></I> --> Result: your text

Now I know I've only been building websites for nearly 10 years now, and I could be wrong, but that looks suspiciously like HTML to me.

I'm not even going to start on the actual application itself, I'm far too depressed.