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  • The Web API

    Wherever there were Windows PCs in businesses, there’s now the web. Wherever there were peripherals connected to that PC, there’s a need for a new peripheral… just the same, but with a simple web API. Every time you see a dated PC, only running the back-office because of the peripherals hanging off it, there’s a product opportunity.

    Matt Webb

  • Battle for the planet of the APIs

    If those services don’t trust me enough to give me an RSS feed, why should I trust them with my data?

    Jeremy Keith — Battle for the planet of the APIs.

  • Wroblewski's Theorem

    Anything that can be connected to the Internet, will be.

    Luke Wroblewski

  • Unlink Your Feeds


    You need to unlink your feeds.

    I understand why you did it. I’ve made the same mistake myself. But it’s hurting your friends, it’s hurting you, and it’s hurting the Internet. You need to stop.

    You need to stop automatically dumping your feeds from one account into another.

    A Manifesto.