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  • Rebuilding from the ground up

    Last Wednesday (25th April) I gave a talk at the UX Oxford Speaker Series about the work I’ve been doing at the WDCS over the past year, and why to my friends it seemed like I had vanished off the face of the earth.

    It’s a wide-ranging talk, looking at the problems with the current site, our initial research and findings, and the the content-out/responsive approach we’ve taken towards the redevelopment.

    The talk itself lasts around a half-hour, with another half-hour Q&A session afterwards.

    The books that I reference during the talk are:

    And the list of useful links and further reading can be found on my Pinboard account under the tag uxoxford2012.

    Thanks to UX Oxford for inviting me to speak, it was great to finally show everyone what I’ve been working on and I really enjoyed the questions after.

    Fingers crossed we’re due to go into public beta sometime in June.

  • Making content harder to access

    Jeremy Keith on the proliferation of hash-bang URLs and the recent Gawker redesign:

    I’m always surprised when I come across as site that deliberately chooses to make its content harder to access.

    He links to this great post by Mike Davies on just how badly this new anti-pattern – which was only ever supposed to be a band-aid for sites that ignored best practise and couldn’t get indexed by Googlebot – is breaking the structure of the web, and led directly to the site outage affecting all Gawker properties on Monday.