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Rebuilding from the ground up

Last Wednesday (25th April) I gave a talk at the UX Oxford Speaker Series about the work I’ve been doing at the WDCS over the past year, and why to my friends it seemed like I had vanished off the face of the earth. It’s a wide-ranging talk, looking at the problems with the current site, our initial research and […]

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WordCamp Ireland is go

After a long and slightly torturous journey (Dublin’s rush hour traffic isn’t fun) here I am in Killkenny getting ready for WordCamp Ireland. Due to the traffic I arrived at the speakers dinner just in time for coffee which was a bit shit, but after some quick introductions I was dragged off to take part in Chaos Thaoghaire, which is […]

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Herding cats at Oxford Geek Night

Last night I gave an updated version of my talk on successful community management, “How to Herd Cats” (slideshare link), at the sixteenth Oxford Geek Night. (Update: Al has posted his video of the talk on Vimeo, thanks Al) It was a particular honour to be asked to give a keynote as it was almost three years to […]