Garrett Coakley

I’ve been involved in web development since the mid 1990s. Like many peers of a similar vintage, I fell into it more by luck than judgement after some friends asked me if I knew anything about “this web thing”. The fruits of that early endeavour can still be seen thanks to the magic of the Wayback Machine

Since those humble beginnings I’ve worked in most sectors of the industry including programming, project management and user interface development, with a recent focus on community management and user experience.

I’m now a Lead Developer at White October, which is a high-falutin’ way of saying I’ve got my fingers in lots of pies.

When I’m not playing guitar, I listen to a hell of a lot of music and attempt to take photographs with a DSLR and a range of very old film cameras. I stand 5′ 9″ in my socks and have an affinity for Guinness.

Just in case you were wondering, I don’t look anything like Zebedee in real life.